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Best Practices When Using a Spy Camera - Spy Camera

In today’s changing world, we need to keep ourselves and our families safe. We may be able to do it when we are around, but doing so in our absence might be challenging. We live in the digital age, and we can use a spy camera to protect our loved ones.

Let’s look at some of the best practices we should follow when using a spy cam.

  1. Abiding by laws: Using spy cameras is an invasion of privacy to a certain extent. We should be sure that we are not breaking any law in the jurisdiction where we intend to install the spy cam. In case Nanny cams are installed at home, their location may have to be disclosed to the nanny up-front as per law in some areas. The nanny should be informed about his/her personal space in the house. The nanny shouldn’t take the child to a private space to avoid the nanny cam.
  2. Proper source of light: We need to remember that we will use the spy camera for video or still photography. There should be a good source of light near the camera. Preferably the light source should be in front of the subject. Side lighting and backlighting do not give enough detail in the picture.
  3. Proper positioning of the camera: The spy cam should be hidden from the sight of the subject. It should be placed in such a position that the subject will surely walk in front of the camera. Entrance/ exit of rooms, doorways are examples of a good position for spy cameras. Nanny cams especially need to be appropriately positioned to focus on your baby’s entire room and not at a specific spot.
  4. Suitable Memory Card: If you plan to purchase a spy camera with recording, then the memory card’s compatibility with the spy cam is equally important. The memory card’s speed class defines how fast the streaming video can be stored on the memory card. Using a memory card with a lower speed class for a high-resolution recording will not be useful for spy cameras.
  5. Taking proper backup: This can be useful for a nanny cam. Parents can refer to the backup if they need to refer to how the nanny dealt with the child in their absence. We also need to keep in mind that the spy camera backup is stored in a safe place only accessible by authorized people.

If we keep these tips in mind, we can put the spy camera to the best use.

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