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Types of Spy Cameras

Hidden Cameras - Types Of Hidden Cameras, How To Choose Them And How They Are Used

We are seeing massive changes to camera technology in the past decade or so. And what was once only possible in spy movies is now available for everyone to get. 

Hidden cameras might not sound like the types of cameras to use, but they do come in handy in certain situations. Not only do they get smaller by the year, but we can also find them resembling everyday items.

So, with all that said, let’s talk about the types of hidden cameras that exist, how to choose the one for you, and how are they actually used.

Types of Hidden Cameras

1.   USB Flash Drive

When it comes to running covert operations around the office or at home, a USB flash drive type of hidden camera can really do the trick. 

The great thing about this one is that it really looks like a normal USB flash drive. Some go to such lengths that some function as USB flash drives and a hidden camera. 

But when it comes to detection, good luck finding this one.

2.   Wi-Fi AC Adapter

Not a lot of people pay attention to their Wi-Fi AC adapter. But did you know that this little tool can also be a hidden camera? The whole point of this one is to be undetectable and hard to spot. More so, they’re meant to not draw attention to them. So who would think that a Wi-Fi AC adapter is actually a hidden camera?

Since you’re meant to plug the adapter into a charger into the wall, you can record everything that moves in front of it without anyone knowing what is actually going on.

3.   Bathroom Tissue Box

Probably one of the most unusual types of hidden cameras is your run-of-the-mill bathroom tissue box. Unlike the previous types on this list, you should be careful with this one as someone might throw away the tissue box once the tissues are all depleted.

And since this is a secondary function that the hidden camera does, that can be a huge problem. No doubt that hidden cameras can cost hundreds of dollars, so you should be careful in the way of handling this one.

4.   Smoke Detector

A smoke detector is quite possibly the smartest option out there. Not only is it completely hidden, but no one would dare look at it. More so, a smoke detector is meant to go on the ceiling. This means that the unit can record the entire room without needing to be moved.

A smoke detector hidden camera is one of the smartest gadgets you could buy for covert operations in the office or at home.

5.   Clock 

And the last, although no the last, type that we will mention is the good ol’ clock. Clocks serve a very important purpose for us; they help us tell the time.

But a hidden camera into a clock is an entirely different type of fish. Not only will no one suspect a clock being a hidden camera, but you can place it somewhere that will have a view over the entire room or office.

Clock hidden cameras are very convenient and super covert. 

And that concludes our list of the possible types of hidden cameras that exist. While we did mention that this isn’t a definitive list, it is a list of some excellent options. Now, let’s talk about how to choose one and how to use it.

How To Choose A Hidden Camera

There are certain things you need to take into consideration when selecting the right one for your home or business. We will help explain that in this section.

· You Need to Make Sure It Blends With Your Surroundings

The easiest way to throw off your covert operation is for someone to suspect something. And the easiest thing for that to happen is to place the unit someplace where it will stand out.

This is a huge mistake to avoid. While certainly, no one will suspect such a gadget to be deployed in a place of business or at home, certain situations certainly call for it.

·       Do You Want a High Level Of Detail?

It’s safe to say that cameras come in different qualities. Certain units cost more and they certainly capture imagery in higher quality, while less expensive units are the opposite.

So, decide whether you want to record at a high level of detail or not.

·       What About the Lighting in the Room?

Certain types of hidden cameras make it possible to capture and record in complete darkness. If the area in which you need to place the unit has poor lighting conditions, then maybe you should settle for a unit that can record in darkness.

·       Video Recording Capture

Now when it comes to recording on the thing, well you will need to consider a few things. For starters, the recording needs to go somewhere. It can be either automatically uploaded or be captured onto a DVR.

This is a very important thing to consider as not accounting for it means spending more money on equipment. If you want the recording to go directly into a security system, then you will need to purchase a separate DVR and a separate micro DVR to go into the camera. You will also need to buy a unit that has a built-in DVR.

There are more expensive options that instantly send the feed onto a cloud system. 

But regardless, you will have to think about this one as it is very important.

How to Use Hidden Cameras?

Now onto the million-dollar question, how do you actually use them? Well, it’s safe to say that these units are made to be hidden and spy on people without them knowing about it. So the best way to use them is like any other item. If the camera is a clock, then simply mount it on the wall as high as you can. 

The main thing to note is not to be too obvious but still retain the “normal” factor that each item has. You wouldn’t expect a USB flash drive to be mounted on the wall and use that as the hidden camera now do you?