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Dealing With Your Child’s Undesirable Behavior Picked Up By A Spy Cam

Parents use spy cameras in the rooms of their children to find out if they are indulging in any unsafe or unwanted activities. Even though this is a violation of their privacy, parents use a nanny cam to monitor the child to ensure safety. A question that arises is – what if the camera reveals that the child’s behavior is undesirable? What is the next course of action? This is something every parent needs to handle carefully. Kids at teenage or at the cusp of teenage are naturally rebellious, so they need to be handled carefully.

How to handle the situation?

If your spy cam detects your child’s undesirable behavior, then you obviously need to act. This is why you have installed the camera. What you do next is very important, since mishandling the issue can lead to serious problems with your child. Here is the best way to deal with this situation:

  • Sit down with your child for a talk. It is better for both the parents to do it. If you don’t want to do it at home, you can take your child outdoors to a pleasant and quiet place.
  • If you are using nanny cams, your child will not like the fact that you are spying. Option 1 is not to reveal that you are using a camera and instead tell the child that you have observed the undesirable behavior in different ways. The second option is to tell the child that you used a camera for the child’s safety. Here, you need to be careful to tell the child that it was done only for his/her safety.
  • You need to talk about the behavior (eg: drugs) and not the child. Don’t blame the child. Tell that it is natural for children to go astray. Talk about the wrong behavior and its consequences. Explain the long-term consequences of such behavior on the child’s future.
  • Do not make the discussion serious. You can even joke about using a spy camera if you want. Use humor or keep the conversation light, don’t become too serious.
  • Your child’s first reaction is likely to be anger or rudeness. Don’t get upset. Talk about the need to monitor kids to protect them. Tell them how the use of the camera will help change the behavior to avoid problems.
  • Don’t get angry. Be calm and show affection to the child to win him/her over.


The above approach can help you handle this difficult situation with ease.

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