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Responsible Spy Cam Usage For Parents

Parents use nanny cams to spy on caregivers they have hired for your child when you are not around. While these are brilliant tools for child protection, the legality and its ethical use has always been debated. The slightest misuse can push it over the edge. Before you know it, your harmless child protection method is now in legal waters for encroaching someone's right to their privacy.

Responsible Use of Nanny Cams

Protecting your child is your right. But if you are encroaching upon someone's privacy, you are committing a crime. Responsible use and installation of spy cameras in your home can help facilitate a smooth and trustworthy relationship with your nanny. Stay away from unnecessary legal issues with the following practices:

  1. Communicate: The first step towards ethical use of a spy camera in your home is to be upfront with your nanny. Communicate your fears and worries and let them know you have spy cameras installed. Let them know you are installing a spy camera to monitor your child, for added protection at home. Prevention is better than cure, and spy cameras are a step towards this direction.
  2. Discuss with the family: Spy cameras encroach upon a person's private space. Whether you want to install spy cameras only in your kids' nursery, both parents need to be on board. Since your home is inhabited by more than 1 person, everyone has a say in the matter. Besides, room allocation and camera positions are some things that need to be decided by the whole family together.
  3. Identify locations: There are some rooms and locations in the house that will probably be out of bounds. For instance, a nanny cam in the bathroom is inappropriate. But the kitchen, nursery and living rooms may be ideal spots.
  4. Placement: It is important to decide whether you will hide the nanny cam or keep it in plain sight. Chances of theft, damage and manipulation of nanny cams are higher when not hidden but it also establishes open, honest communication.
  5. Legality: It is always good to be on the right side of the law. Check for legality and permits for using nanny cams at home before you invest in one.

Bottom Line

There is no guarantee of misuse or theft and damage to spy cams by abiding by these practices, but it is a guarantee towards ethical use. There are other ways you can responsibly use spy cams. These are some basic ones.

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