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The Best Places To Position A Spy Cam

You're adding a nanny camera for your little bubble of happiness. Perhaps, you assume your partner is dishonest with you. We will attempt and identify a few of the best spots in the household in which one may wish to conceal her or his spy camera. The goal would be to monitor and capture different events in the household.

For whichever purpose you need a spy/nanny camera to be integrated, the simplest places to conceal them are the bedrooms. The following are a few places where you can hide a spy camera within a bedroom:

  • The bedside table or countertop
  • Near or On Television Sets
  • Near or On Personal Computers
  • On bookcases

Although some of such locations can seem obvious, such as bedside tables and bookcases, there are many corporations making wireless surveillance devices that are designed like alarms, novels, etc.

When located near certain electronic appliances, they are easier to conceal. This is due to the fact that they appear like most devices that go along with TV sets and laptops.

Adding a Spy Camera inside a Living Room

Every living room is a venue with a great deal of footfall at homes. Because of this reason, it may be a perfect spot to install a concealed surveillance camera within a smoke detector.

Here are some other fantastic areas in every living room that you can think of before considering how to conceal a secret camera:

  1. Within stuffed objects,
  2. Inside Mirrors,
  3. Inside lampshades,
  4. Within switches,
  5. Within plastic plants.

A curtain-rod could also be a very good place to hide them. If you have acquired a small spy camera, which could be hardly spotted from a ten ft. length, it can be placed on top of the curtain/curtain-rod. Without too much effort, you can get a great viewing angle and capture anything.

Adding a Spy Camera in the Kitchen

The kitchens may be the toughest spot in your household to conceal a camera. Acquiring cameras that already seem like kitchen goods is the easiest method to do this.

You may place one of the spy clocks which have cameras inside them there. Some cameras also look like normal coffee mugs and ball-point pens.

Finally, you may as well grab one of the mobile spy cams and place it anywhere you wish. Dining areas, bedrooms, study rooms and kitchens are good choices for the same. Nowhere would such a thing appear questionable. They could be glasses, pens, lighters, mobile phones, etc.

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