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What Should You Record Using A Spy Cam?

About 20% of the US population is using spy cams in their homes. It’s not to invade privacy or keep track of every move, but to protect your homes and keep your family safe. Police can use the recorded footage as evidence in case of theft or other crimes. They were first used by secret agencies to collect information. They are now being used in homes, recreational places, offices, among others. It’s unfortunate that spy cams, also called nanny cams, are being misused by people. They are legal, cheap, and effective.

Spy Camera 101

  • A doorbell camera is used to see activity outside your main gate and to identify who rang the doorbell. It’s essential to make sure children don’t open the door for unknown people. Crime starts from there.
  • Strategically place them around the house to track activity. Is there a noise coming from a part of your home? Check your mobile phone to fetch the video. It could be your child up for a midnight snack. Most spy cams come with night vision technology.
  • Nanny cameras are popular among parents with young children. We worry about leaving our children at home with a stranger, and to make sure there is no wrongdoing by the nanny, check the footage of the hidden nanny cams. The video is evidence for the police officers, and they can take action.
  • Is your child getting bullied at school? Are you getting harassed by your boss or co-worker? Use the pen spy cam to record audio and video without the person’s knowledge.
  • If you are taking care of an elderly person, you can keep track of their needs and health. You can go ahead and finish your chores while watching the live footage on your phone. Attend to them in case there is an emergency.
  • You had used baby monitors when your children were babies, so have millions of other parents. Isn’t it great if you can add a video feature to the technology? Spy cams are a great alternative to monitor your newborn.


There are many benefits to using spy cameras and nanny cams. They have become common, and their demand is increasing daily. It’s easy to install them, and are great to protect our children and homes from criminals.

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