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Spy Camera with Audio

Spy Camera products are constructed to look like everyday items. Examples of a Hidden Camera would include a Clock Camera, Smoke Detector Camera, Watch Camera, and Light Bulb Camera. They can either be equipped with SD cards where the audio and or video would be stored on the item and you would take out the SD card to view. They could also be WIFI enabled where you could log in through your phone to view what is happening live.

Audio Recorders

Audio recorders have built in recorders in everyday items. The most prevalent are spy pen recorders which are used to primarily record audio. They are most often used in schools by students to record their lessons so they could review them again when they get home. These pens usually have Storage SD cards built in and you would take them out to listen to the audio.

Micro Camera

Micro camera is a small cameras that can be used anywhere. They would come in different shapes. Their small size allows you to put them anywhere. They can either be hard wired or be battery powered. They can either be equipped with Storage SD cards, which would locally record the audio and or video. You would remove the SD card when you want to review the data collected. In this case they would have different size cards and internal storage. They could also be WIFI compatible and in which case you could see live events on your phone.

Bug Detectors and Hidden Camera Detectors

Bug Detectors and Hidden camera Detectors are used to give you peace of mind. Bug Detectors use sound and light to find radio waves and magnetic fields to alert you to the presence of hidden devices. Hidden camera detectors are used to find small pinhole cameras and wireless cameras.

Car and Personal GPS Trackers.

Car and Personal Trackers. GPS Car and Truck Trackers are used to monitor the location of vehicles and where they have gone. Personal GPS Trackers are usually used to monitor the location of people and pets. Both can be either WIFI powered so you can see results on your phone or they would have a removable

How and Why to use a Spy Camera

There is a thin line that separates what is legal and illegal when it comes to the use of a spy camera in your work or house. The key is to understand that the laws for the use of a spy camera change with respect to every state jurisdiction. It is important to understand the laws in your country and have an understanding of any special laws that your state might have.

Nanny Cams

Nanny cams are common with parents who leave their children alone with a babysitter. Parents are well within their rights to install secret cameras in their homes to monitor the safety of their children. Having a spy camera in your home will also put you at ease as you can constantly check to see if your child is safe. Although parents have the authority to record their kids in their own household, they are not allowed to record their kids at other people's homes.


If you are renting your house as Airbnb apartments, it is unethical and not permissible for you to use spy cams. It is illegal under the reasonable expectation of privacy clause. As Airbnb hosts, you will have guests at your apartment, and they would not want to be recorded in a spy cam. You could be looking at both criminal and civil charges if you do so.

Public Places

It is unethical and illegal to record people without their permission. Installing spy cams in public bathrooms, gym locker rooms etc. is not legal, as that would be a clear case of an invasion of someone's privacy. You could be facing serious criminal charges by putting any spy cameras in any public place.


Employers normally feel that their employees behave better if they know that there are spy cams installed at their workplace. Employers may have the right to install a camera in their workplace but you need to inform and have written approval of your employees If the employees feel that their privacy is being harassed, they are within their rights to sue the employer or the company.

The person who wants to install a spy cam must ensure that they are not in any way exploiting the rights of any other person. If found guilty of using spy cameras for illegal purposes, it can lead to legal problems and jail time.

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